Group strategy to 2026


Climate change, the deterioration of biodiversity, the digital revolution, demographic growth and galloping urbanisation are all major challenges that require us to display

Guarantee peoples’ quality of life in an increasingly urbanised world.


billion more people will be living in cities by 2050

Offer people and goods smooth mobility in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.


Growth in global trade over the past 40 years

Widen access to clean energy to actively contribute to saving the environment

30 to 80 %

for increase
in proportion of renewable energy by 2050

We design infrastructure and buildings that are ever smarter, more resilient and environmentally friendly to improve quality of life.

Riyadh metro, Saudi Arabia
Egis is supervising the construction of lines 1, 2 and 3 (representing 108 km and 55 stations) of Riyadh’s automatic metro, a new world benchmark for technology, safety and comfort.
Montparnasse Tower refurbished for 2024
Egis is contributing to the renaissance of this iconic tower which will be an exemplary model in terms of use, comfort and energy efficiency in a reinvented Paris
Cable transportation in Mongolia
An eco-friendly and economical turnkey urban cable car project to provide the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar with direct access to the city centre.
Ecological engineering to the rescue of biodiversity
Designed by Seaboost (Egis group and printed in 3D by XtreeE, these innovative artificial reefs contribute to the resilience of marine ecosystems.
Zhuhai Gaoxin HQLMP
A new business district to accommodate hi-tech start-ups in Zhuhai, China
Seine-Nord Europe Canal
By connecting up the Seine and Oise basins with the north European high-capacity waterway network, the future canal will enable the consignment of river freight and generate modal shift from road to waterway.

Pictures: © Nouvelle AOM, © Tengis Galamez/ Unsplash, © 10Design, © POMA, ©Seaboost, © Hassan bensliman – AdobeStock


The public health crisis: to change models

The coronavirus crisis hit the entire global economy hard, but the multiple stimulus plans offer a genuine opportunity to build back differently all around the world, in particular by furthering the low-carbon transition.

0  %
of the European stimulus plan allocated to the fight against climate change


is ideally placed to lead this change

Egis has a unique global offering combining consulting, engineering, operation, and mobility services. This positioning means that we accompany our clients throughout their projects’ life cycles. Through its technical expertise, its role as advisor and specifier to decision makers, and its innovation capabilities, Egis possesses decisive leverage upon the projects with which it is entrusted.
Egis contributes technical excellence to segments that feature high innovation potential. This excellence translates into a position as an acknowledged leader in several high added value markets and niches: automatic metros, tramways, nuclear civil engineering, air traffic management, building envelopes, geotechnical engineering and tunnelling, etc. Egis also innovates in many other sectors to invent the solutions of tomorrow.
Discover Egis’ digital twin book
While its birthplace is in France, the Egis group today enjoys a wide-ranging footprint all over the world and generates most of its turnover outside its home country. The Group builds a presence close to its clients, with a tight-knit geographical coverage that guarantees our understanding of local issues and day-to-day proximity.
around the world

Offices in

0  %
of turnover generated outside France

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To achieve its growth, Egis can count on the commitment of its 16,000 employees who, in their significant diversity, all stand out through their career journeys, motivation and talent. Pulling together behind shared values, the men and women at Egis fully express their know-how, enhance their knowledge, and make their contribution to exciting projects which give meaning to their job.



Reach by 2050

Egis has designated the fight against climate change a priority in its business strategy. With the goal of attaining carbon neutrality in 2050, Egis develops an engineering and operation service range which effectively addresses the challenges of the climate emergency through physical assets and infrastructure that produce less carbon and care more for biodiversity.

Green Riyadh, a green skyline for 2030
Egis is a major player in the Saudi capital’s greening project, the largest in the world.
Bruneseau, the first zero-carbon district in France
50% of energy generated or recovered on site, a carbon footprint representing a fifth of the Paris average and 65% of energy needs covered by renewables.
Lycée Bréquigny, Rennes
A model of high energy performance renovation. “Construction & Fit-Out” category winner in the 2020 French National Engineering Awards
Larnaca and Paphos International Airports, Cyprus
Egis is assisting Hermes Airports in the development and management of Larnaca and Paphos airports which have both obtained the Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 3+

© 2019 Riyadh Green, © Hardel Le Bihan, © Photographie Luc Boegly_Anthracite architecture, © Silvio Augusto Rusmigo-Hermes Airports


billion euros turnover in 2026

Be a

Following several years of sustained growth, Egis’ aim is now to acquire a position as a leading player, in terms of market share and reputation, in all its target zones. This will be an additional asset to support our current position in the management of large, complex projects. This means reaching critical mass in each of these regions, which, taken all together, will result in a doubling of the group’s turnover in the next 5 years.


Step up our development in

Asia is the geographic zone that harbours the strongest growth potential for the Group’s business. This dynamism is founded upon three strategic priorities:

Growth in the main sectors of activity (rail, buildings, road operation)
Five countries will mainly drive growth: Hong Kong, Macao and continental China, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and finally Australia
An ambitious acquisition policy.

In Egis’ business segments, Asia represents growth potential of

Rail market
Roads market
Planned airport investment



Impose the transition to low-carbon economy as the Group’s

To meet the challenges of climate change, Egis pursues an ambitious strategy by assuming a key position on low carbon energy, with growth in its nuclear power business and the ambition of becoming a leader in the renewable energy sector. In particular, offshore marine wind power, hydroelectricity and biomass offer significant growth potential.

billion dollars of investment planned worldwide in renewable energy up to 2050


Place at the heart of cities and mobility

The mobility and urban services markets are recording extremely high growth rates around the world, driven by the acceleration in urbanisation, decentralisation, automation and digitalisation. These underlying trends bring with them an array of new needs: a global vision of the match between supply and demand (hypervision), smart grids, migration to zero emissions, etc.

©Freepik – drobotdean


Stay close to our

Customer satisfaction is a priority goal for Egis, and is central to how the Group manages its projects. The public health crisis offered an illustration of Egis’ ability to maintain close relations of trust with its clients, reacting quickly to offer new services. This constructive proximity is something that Egis nurtures every day through its presence in more than 100 countries, always close to the ground.



Accelerate in Egis’ markets and zones

Today, Egis enjoys a reputation of being a leading player in the rail and buildings sectors. In a market undergoing consolidation, it is critically important to play to its strengths.

The crux of Egis’ strategic project therefore capitalises upon its strengths:

Engineering and consulting in rail and buildings

Infrastructure operation, specifically of roads and airports

The Group’s two-pronged business model, which provides balance, makes it unique.

30% of the Group’s engineering business
Line 3 of Guadalajara metro (2nd largest city in Mexico): 8 stations along 20.9 km of mainly elevated track
28% of the Group’s engineering business
Reims University Hospital: 56,000 m², fully designed with BIM
17 airports around the world managed by Egis
28 operating companies around the world and 81 km of tunnels operated

© Egis, © Groupe 6 Architectes, © Jaromir Chalabala, © Powell83


Link up the chain of

Egis’ development goals require that the scale of the Group’s offering be bolstered and that it diversify its fields of activity all over the world. Consequently, the Group plans to develop its consulting activities outside France to foster synergies between consulting and engineering. Similarly, notwithstanding the crisis affecting the sector today, the aviation market holds significant growth potential, both in engineering and operation.


Enhance technical and digital

To cater to the Group’s increased growth and new ambition, Egis has set itself four key objectives.

Safeguard and cultivate the Group’s technical signature
Anticipate changes in work disciplines and reinforce the Group’s agility
Make Egis a key player in digitalisation
Build environmental considerations into all our projects.


Side view of woman sitting with man on rooftop pointing away and observing city in sunlight

© Milles Studio / Adobe Stock

Help grow, and continue to attract new talent

To support our growth ambitions, we need to attract and retain the talent we need for our future, helping them to build their careers and develop their full potential with us. We will amplify our human resources management strategy globally, through concerted Group-wide planning of our production needs, the development of a global talent acquisition strategy, continuous monitoring and adjustment of performance, and increasingly promoting diversity and inclusion.






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